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The Next Generation
of Performance Marketing in DIGITAL ADVERTISING

BitComo is the first decentralized platform in the CPA partner network based on blockchain technology to use smart contract algorithms.

ICO to promote your ICO

Thank you for being part of Bitcomo

TOTAL AFTER BOTH ROUNDS: 12 438 697 BM tokens

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CPA-marketing VS Smart Contract solution


In Classic CPA Marketing, the business process consists of a long chain of interactions between the advertiser - the banking operators - the affiliate program - the payment system - the affiliate


Each stage of the process incurs costs and increases time, the risk of human error and loss of information during transmission

Price efficiency

In the blockchain used by the CPA network, the business process is built on smart contracts, eliminating time costs, the risk of human error and information loss during transmission, whilst keeping the commission for each transaction to a minimum

Time efficiency

With a traditional CPA, the publisher receives payment within a grace period. With Bitcomo, payment is made at the time of smart contract confirmation

Our CPA ad platform is being developed as we speak.

We will be glad to see you as our
First Advertisers and Affiliates

Marketing performance

Blockchain is a clear and elegant anti-fraud solution. Because the entire cycle of exchange from publisher to advertiser is transparent, we can track every click and lead (sale, action, goal completion etc) and display this process using open, immutable code in our nodes.


Pays a small commission per lead provided (5% only). He doesn't lose money on transactions and conversions. Advertiser is safe from any fraudulent activity


Pays a small commission per lead provided (just 5%). They don't lose money on transactions and conversions and the advertiser is safe from any fraudulent activity

CPA network

Protected from traffic loss and hacking from malevolent entities. Fraud perpetrated by both advertisers and webmasters is eliminated. There is no need to maintain a large pool of managers. Payments to webmasters are made automatically. Works on a secure distributed platform

Bitcomo Token

We solved the problem of speed on the blockchain.

In future Internet marketing will be in eco-system where all transactions are done with tokens. In the structure of the Bitcomo is the token "BM".

It's a utility token and is used to pay for the leads by advertisers and as payout to affiliates. The Bitcomo affiliate network isn't programmed to accept any other currency. BM tokens will also be listed on popular exchanges.

Internal store of our token

Holders of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies will be able to use Bitcomo’s services through the automatic converting of popular cryptocurrencies into BM. This can be performed at any time through one of the partnership exchanges inside the token store on our platform.

Bounty and bonus program : 8% | $4 080 000 | 13 600 000 BM

Token sale : 72% | $36 720 000 | 122 400 000 BM

Advisers: 9% | $4 590 000 | 15 300 000 BM

Team: 11% | $5 610 000 | 18 700 000 BM

As Usual CPA means Post Payment. Advertisers paying for a leads and real actions like Registration on Landing page. That's why we going and analyze demand from top list of ICO's that In this case we take yearly circulation of budgets in several our projects and add it to our financial plan as media buying spending. Summary it gives amount converted in volume of tokens that currently are on crowd sale.

Branches of our Holding


Russia, Central Federal district, Moscow, Odesscaya str., 2


Las Suite, 5 Percy Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 1 Dg


Chile, Santiago, Antonio Varas 303, oficina 610


Canada, Avenue N.E. Calgary, Alberta, T2E 6Z3

Bitcomo is Powered by 2 Successful companies,with many years of experience and knowledge in Online Advertising.We do "Know How"

BitComo in numbers
Implemented successful projects incude:

  • 60M
    Unique visitors
  • 150K+
    Affiliates and Webmasters
  • 60K+
    Sales per day
  • 40
    Local Languages in our Team
  • 4000
    Employees of media holding, 500 in IT-department
  • 12
    Years of experience in digital marketplace
The value of the BM token
and why will it grow in value?

A CPA network is still the best solution, when a smart contract enables you to monitor activities, including where traffic is coming from and who is doing the converting. Only in a fully transparent system in which each click and action can be tracked will both parties have a vested interest in optimising marketing opportunities.

Customer ICO - Advertiser Affiliate and Webmaster
Token converts into different currencies
  • Leads and traffic inside the system can only be purchased for tokens BM
  • Tokens can be easily bought and sold on the platform, as well as on many exchanges
  • Assets from the sale of tokens after ICO go towards purcahse of tokens for ETH and BTC in the store
The token will grow in price along with the turnover of the system
  • Advertisers purchase tokens BM to pay for a leads inside the Bitcomo platform
  • The larger the turnover, the more tokens in the hands of advertisers and affiliates
  • Investors and some webmasters will keep tokens as an investment

Meet us at conferences

Join us at Dmexco 2017

Not only do we know how to use this technology, but we have developed an infrastructure and ensure smooth business processes. Although we have the financial ability to run the project independently, we believe that it is fair to give everyone a chance to contribute to the development of the project. Therefore, it was decided to hold an ICO.
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Blockchain Solutions Forum 2017 Barcelona

November 4, 2017, 13.00 - 13.30 'CPA marketing on Blockchain' Come and see performance of our co-founder, Ivan Karadzhov. Let's meet on conference and booth X321
read more

Meet us at World Blockchain Summit Dubai

Billed as the next generation internet tech, blockchain has the potential to bring about a transformation in global financial systems. It is no wonder why Dubai is already working towards their goal of making it the first blockchain-powered government in the world by 2020. 24 - 25 October 2017 | The address Dubai Mall, UAE
read more

We coming back to Asia, Now 9-10 2017 | Shenzhen Asia Blockchain Application Congress

Come and see our performance on the stage. As of the end of April 2017, the world's 455 block chain and Bitcoin related companies accumulated financing amounted to 1.947 billion US dollars, of which domestic 114 million US dollars, a total of 61 investment companies, ranked second nationwide block chain start-up enterprises About 150, Zhongguancun, Beijing about more than 30 (excluding digital currency and exchange-related, 11 block chain start-up enterprises to obtain VC investment, a total investment of about 226 million yuan.
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The history of our growth

  • Start
  • 2016
  • 2017
    1, 2Q
  • 2017
  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 2018
  • 2018
  • 2019
  • Research phase

  • Planning of Business model and resources
    Team building

  • Support and operations team building
    Platform Development started


    ICO marketing campaign planning

  • October:

    - Development of smart contracts
    - Start of Pre-ICO
    - Start of Marketing campaign


    - Pre-ICO runs for 30 days
    - Increasing coverage of marketing campaign
    - Introducing BM Tokens to our partnership tokens store


    - December 1 end of Pre-ICO
    - Start developing main platform
    - Alpha test of main platform
    - December 15, start of ICO

  • January:

    - Collection of user feedback, requests and voting on features
    - Closed alpha testing with chosen publishers and advertisers


    - The end of ICO at February 16
    - Modification of the self-serve platform
    - Sales team development
    - Start of post-ICO tasks including adding BM tokens to trading platforms


    - Beta testing closed
    - Official release
    - Increasing coverage of main marketing campaign
    - Listing of our token on Exchanges

  • April:

    - Bitcomo network scaling on TIER 1 Countries
    - Start direct marketing campaign to acquire advertisers and grow publisher base


    - Bitcomo network scaling on TIER 2 Countries
    - Start participation on affiliate conferences


    - Bitcomo network scaling on TIER 3 Countries

  • September:

    Release of white label and franchise
    System optimization and scaling
    Bitcomo Conference for our affiliates, advertisers and publishers

  • White label and scaling


I am a Chinese or Korean citizen, is it legal to participate in BITCOMO Crowdsale?

The Bitcomo pre-sale and crowdsale are not restricted and/or prohibited by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Government of People's Republic of China or Korea. The BM token in fact is the license for BITCOMO platform usage. Thus, being sold at crowdsale coin, it is the obligation of BITCOMO to deliver its services to the holders of BM coin in future. This makes it a so-called utility token. On the other hand, this does not prevent our investors from speculating on our tokens (obligations). But the main advantage of the BM utility token is that it is firmly based on existing laws and regulation.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can buy BM with cryptocurrency with Ether or Bitcoin. The instant conversion service, Shapeshift or our tokenstore inside the platform which was built by MetaHash, will also be offered to partners who want to pay in other cryptocurrencies used by the service.

Price of the token and emissions?

BOUNTY AND BONUS PROGRAM: 8% | $4 080 000 | 13 600 000 BM
TOKEN SALE: 72% | $36 720 000 | 122 400 000 BM
ADVISERS: 9% | $4 590 000 | 15 300 000 BM
TEAM: 11% | $5 610 000 | 18 700 000 BM
BM will be tradable on exchanges and our own Tokenstore inside platform. We are currently in discussion with Bittrex, CoinOne and Huobi.

Our partners
Our projects and companies we work with.

Bitcomo in Mass Media
Popular world media resources and profile publications that write about us

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Performance marketing and the digital marketplace in general are the ideal sphere for the advertising industry to operate in. Performance marketing is also the most attractive model for top advertisers due to its lead generation strategy.
And it’s another industry where the crypto revolution is threatening to change almost everything.

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